Note: This is inspired from VS battle wiki.

  • Human Class: Punches and kicks usually range in the few hundred joules but there are a few heavy weight boxers who’re pushing slightly above a thousand joules per hit. (50 - 120 kg)
  • Peak Human Class:  (120 - 454 kg)
  • Superhuman Class: Slightly superhuman to outright wall busting attacks. (454 - 1,000 kg)
  • Building Class: Attacks can have effects similar to a hand grenade. At high end we’re talking about outright building busting attacks. (10^5 - 10^6 kg)
  • City Block Class: Attacks carry the force of many tons of TNT explosives. Building level to low end multi city block level. (10^6 - 10^9 kg)
  • Town Class: Punches literally comparable to a nuke. (10^9 - 10^12 kg)
  • Mountain Class: Attacks carry megatons of energy. Citybusting punches. (10^12 - 10^15 kg)
  • Island Class: Attacks carry gigatons of energy. Characters whose blows can outright destroy a mountain or an island. ( -  kg)
  • Country Class: Attacks carry teratons of energy. Country-wrecking punches. ( -  kg)
  • Continent Class: Attacks carry petatons of energy. Continent-busting physical strikes. (10^15 - 10^18 kg) 
  • Moon Class: Attacks carry exatons of energy. Planetoid and moon-buster physical attacks. (10^18 - 10^21 kg)
  • Planet Class: Attacks carry zetatons of energy. Characters in this category can usually physically bust planets and even large planet like Jupiter with a punch. (10^21 - 10^29 kg)
  • Star Class: Attacks carry carry thousands to millions to billions of yottatons of energy. Characters like this have nearly enough power to destroy a star to various degrees and even sometimes surpass the power of a Supernova. (10^29 - 10^32 kg)
  • Solar System Class: Attacks ranging between 10 Foe and 10,000 Foe. Characters at this level can bust the Solar System with no effort. ( -  kg)
  • Galactic Class: Characters have enough energy to physically destroy our Milky Way Galaxy, as it requires at least 10^61 joules to destroy our galaxy with a single boom (contended). ( -  kg)
  • Universe Class: For crazy fuckers who can destroy everything in our Universe with a single punch. ( -  kg)
  • Immeasurable: For things even crazier than that. Believe me, they exist.


(This indicates when a character is between a level and a other or if we know that a character is above than a certain level but there is no evidence that show is powerful enough to be ranked to the next level)