Note: This is inspired from VS battle wiki.

- Human

Peak Human

Super Human

Faster than Eye (Mach 0.1-0.9) (89-300 m/s or 200-1250mph)

Supersonic (Mach 1.1-5)

Hypersonic (Mach 5-100)

Massively Hypersonic (Mach 100-10000)

Sub-Relativistic (1%-10% SoL)

Relativistic (10%-99% SoL)

Speed of Light (300,000 km/s)

FTL (x1-x1000)

Massively FTL (x1000+ and above)

- Indeterminate (unknown immense speed/reflexes, like infinite)


(This indicates when a character is between a level and a other or if we know that a character is above than a certain level but there is no evidence that show is powerful enough to be ranked to the next level)

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